Rise of the Zigzags

The Park Ridge Public Library is not even halfway through Screen Deco, but because of the tremendous turnout for this film event, I’d like to say thank you to the ground troops who are getting the word out. We’re averaging 90+ patrons a week, which is crazy for any library film series. There’s been a run on programs and newsletters because of the outpouring of visitors, so now we are relying on word of mouth (and our t-shirts) to promote the series. Each week there are new faces from Chicago and surrounding suburbs– as well as the loyal regulars right here in town. I thank all these supporters of Screen Deco— or, as they would be known in the Art Deco world: the Zigzags!

Lines out the front door to see Penthouse (1933)…

Our friend Nicole sporting the Screen Deco t-shirt…

When a 22-year-old can speak eloquently about a movie made 80 years ago, there’s hope for the next generation! Special guest Annette Bochenek…

Welcoming the audience…

Program Host Matthew C. Hoffman (left) with assistant Michael Hominick…


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